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More Tournament Leads = More Tournament Sales…

Most golf courses are in business to make a profit, and can only make a profit if their tee sheets are full and hosting more tournaments can significantly impact a golf courses ability to make a profit. This is where generating tournament sales leads comes in.

Many golf professionals think of sales leads as an untapped reserve of new customers that they have yet to do business with, but how do you:

  • Attract potential leads
  • Capture the leads
  • Develop relationships with these potential customers
  • Win more sales, leading to increased revenues, and
  • Earn a customer for life 

A common mistake that many golf courses make when it comes to generating tournament leads is to try and use only mass marketing techniques. While getting your message out to as many people as possible can be beneficial in many respects, personal contact is just as important if you are hoping to develop a long-term relationship with your customers and clients.

There is no one single approach to developing tournament leads, but the one thing that is basically universal is the need to understand that lead generation is something that you will need to be constantly aware of. Consistently trying new tactics is the best way to ensure the continued growth of your tournament revenues.

Getting Potential Tournament Planners to Your Website…

How do you get potential tournament planners to your website? That is the first question that I am always asked when I talk about implementing a content marketing program. When it comes to promoting your golf course offline, most don’t realize how to entice the potential customer (i.e. tournament planner) and once they’ve enticed them to visit their website, there is no real effort in place to capture their contact information – which allows you to continue to market to them. 

Listed below are 15 FREE opportunities to get potential tournament planners to your website… many  of the suggestions below you are likely already using and are not able to manage the impact of these efforts. There needs to be a process to attract the lead, capture the lead, develop the relationship and WIN THE SALE!

1. Business Cards: on the back side of each staff member’s cards include the specific URL with instructions to download the ebook. 
2. Customer Receipts: Include the URL with instructions to download the free ebook on each receipt – restaurant too! 
3. Other Printed Items: all letterhead, brochures, scorecards and marketing materials should include URL and instructions.  
4. Office Signs: post signage throughout the facility including the URL and instructions. Don’t forget handicap computer’s screen saver. 
5. Swag/Giveaways: include URL with brief instructions on your pens, calendars, coffee mugs, and other low cost giveaway items.
6. Staff Shirts: staff shirts and jackets should include “FREE Golf Tournament Planning Guide” with URL on shirt sleeves.  
7. Local Chamber of Commerce: Attend breakfasts, networking events and conferences promoting your free tournament guide.  
8. Guest Expert on Radio Show: Pitch yourself as an expert in the game of golf and more specifically golf tournament planning. Promote your free book for listeners. Radio stations love giveaways.  

9. Event Sponsorship: Sponsor a networking event, social gathering, sporting event, etc. Promote free guide and how to download.  
10. Conferences & Conventions: Be social, network, and have plenty of business cards and swag handy to give out to the people you meet.
11. Teaching: Teach a class/seminar at local library, school, or other community location. Require attendees to download when registering. 
12. Vehicles: custom decals can easily be applied to the golf carts and beverage carts or place flyers in the information holders. 
13. Press Releases: create a press release about your new free ebook to get the offline media to cover it (likely will include online promotion).
14. Local Newspapers & Magazines: See if you can get an article or opinion piece in a local publication. Include the URL and instructions.  
15. Voicemail & Hold Music: include an ad featuring the Golf Tournament Planning Guide with instructions as to how to download it. 

There are many ways to promote the Golf Tournament Planning Guide, the key is being ready for these new visitors when they arrive. Being able to provide them with your complimentary Golf Tournament Planning Guide encourages them to sign up and begin receiving your tournament tips marketing emails.  

You Get Them To Your Website Now What…

The best way to capture lead information is by leveraging information of value and leading potential tournament planners into your newly created “sales funnel.” A sales funnel is a system designed to turn prospects into customers. 

Your website can easily be updated to ask prospective tournament planners to provide you with their contact information along with answering a few simple questions regarding their tournament. Once they provide their email, a software program will send them a link to be able to download the the “Golf Tournament Planning Guide” (for free) and they will continue to receive valuable information from you about tournament planning and operations.

The exciting part about this is the effect is has on sales. By capturing leads’ information, you dramatically increase your sales. For example:

Let’s say out of every 100 visitors to your website, 1 person provides their contact information or calls you about hosting a tournament at your golf course.

Now we will look at the scenario where you are promoting the Golf Tournament Planning Guide. Out of every 100 visitors to your website, 40 people enter their email to be able to download the FREE Golf Tournament Planning Guide. After they receive an introductory email that includes a link for them to download the free ebook that you are offering, they are sent follow up emails about your facility along with “tournament tips” – all designed to help them:

  • Get to know you as the recognized golf tournament expert
  • Select your golf course to host their tournament
  • Promote your golf course to their potential participants and sponsors
  • Purchase their tournament merchandise and prizes from you – the golf course
  • Schedule meal functions at your facility prior to, during and/or after the tournament

In total, 7 out of 100 potential tournament planners will contact you about hosting their tournament at your golf course.

In order to get 7 people to contact you without content marketing, you would need 700 visitors to your website, 1 call for every 100 visitors. If every visitor costs you $0.30 in advertising, that means you are paying $210 per lead. By using content marketing to support your lead generation you would only need 100 visitors to your website for 7 leads and as a result you’d only be paying $30 per tournament lead.*

Do you see the massive savings of only paying $30 per lead as opposed to $210 per lead? That is the power of content marketing. One of the best advantages of content marketing is that the potential tournament planners are pre-sold your services before they call you. It makes it easier and faster to close them on your golf course and the support and service that you provide. It also gives you a way to follow up with prospects automatically after they hang up the phone.

Having new leads coming in every month will keep your tee sheets full and your golf course flowing with new tournament revenues!

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Education Creates a Better Customer; Sales Pitches Put Them on the Defensive…

Customers know when they are being sold, when you take the time to educate your customer and develop a positive working relationship with them the walls come down and together you are able to solve their problem. Talking about your golf course, what great shape it is in, the new cart fleet, the architect, the golf shop, the free range balls, the food and beverage service and the great price you can offer only addresses the pain points of the potential tournament planner. How many times have you heard “we want to host a golf tournament, but I don’t know anything about hosting a golf tournament?” They know what they want to do, they just don’t have any experience and they don’t know what questions they should ask or what they should do.

If your sales strategies are solely focused on pitching your golf course and how wonderful it is, you aren’t going to be able to connect with those potential tournament planners who are looking for help in solving their challenges. By the time they begin to start understanding things on their own, they may have begun to develop a relationship with another facility which has answered their questions along the way.

Implementing a content marketing program can help you with everything from building awareness of your facility and the expertise you can provide them to customer retention (lifetime value) and enhance your ability to up-sell. As a result of being able to promote and leverage information, you often times get much more than just a sale!

Education Builds a Relationship; Sales Pitches, Discounts and Free Rounds Help With One Moment in Time

Even when your potential tournament planner understands that they have a need and are looking for specific information, your sales pitch will only get you so far. Features and benefits can be useful, you may have the best course or the lowest rate, but when your potential tournament planner is considering you against several options, having information about exactly what they can expect to receive can be really helpful – and those features and benefits help close business. But, features and benefits don’t create long-lasting relationships or loyalty to you and your facility.

Providing potential tournament planners with “tournament tips” and educating them on tournament “best practices” leads to a loyal customer, one that will likely host their tournament with you for years to come, making your tournament sales efforts much easier year after year.

Educating Potential Tournament Planners Helps Them Feel Smart, When They’re Being “Sold” They See It As Just Another Step in Their Evaluation Process

If you teach people, you empower people. When you help them learn something, you help them feel smart about and confident in what they are doing. Consider your potential tournament planner’s point of view – do you think they’d prefer to hear your sales pitch or do you think they’d want to be educated and better informed or become more knowledgeable about planning a golf tournament… at your golf course. Providing potential tournament planners with the Golf Tournament Planning Guide helps them better understand the various aspects of hosting a golf tournament… at your golf course: 

  • Reasons for hosting a golf tournament and how to make the most of your event
  • Planning For Success and providing tournament planners with form templates to help them manage their golf tournament
  • Building a Winning Team and recruiting volunteers
  • Tournament Budgeting, and managing to their goal – including a downloadable budget template
  • Marketing and Promoting their tournament
  • Golf Tournament Operations, know what to expect on the day of the tournament – bringing it all together
  • Contingency Planning and Tournament Evaluations

Included within the Golf Tournament Planning Guide are 20+ downloadable templates that your new customer can use to more effectively manage the tournament that they will be hosting at your course: 


  • Competitive Entry Form Templates

    Golf Tournament Planning Checklist

    Sample Volunteer Application

    “Scramble” Entry Form Template

    Tournament Rules Sheet Template

  • Introduction Letter To Sponsors

    Sponsorship Guide

    Thank You Letter – Sponsors

    Thank You Letter With Survey Instructions

    Tournament Scoring Summary Sheet

  • Press Release Template

    Media Contact List

    Bid Sheet Template

    Donation List Template

    Donation Thank You Letter Template

    Raffle & 50/50 Ticket Templates

  • Tournament Rules Sheet Template

    Callaway Handicap Scoring Adjustment Worksheet

    Tournament Scoring Summary Sheet

    Contingency Plan Spreadsheet

    Tournament Evaluation Form Template

    Golf Course Staff Post Tournament Evaluation

Educating Potential Tournament Planners is an Investment That Reaps Returns for Years, Sales Pitches are Short Lived

When considering content marketing, think of it as an investment – when you get started you invest but don’t see an immediate benefit. However not only does your investment grow over time, it also compounds so you reap substantially more. As you begin to educate new potential customers (i.e. tournament planners), you begin to develop relationships.

All of  your tournament sales activities should direct potential customers to your dedicated lead capture page. Activities such as:

  • Meeting a potential tournament planner at a networking event – promote your FREE ebook!
  • A guest appearance on a local tv or radio show – promote your FREE ebook!
  • Making cold calls to organizations and charity groups – promote your FREE ebook!
  • When potential tournament planners call the course – promote your FREE ebook!
  • When a potential tournament planner visits your website, you must promote your lead capture page, designed to turn visitors into sales leads by – promoting your FREE ebook!

If the sales activities listed above are all done to drive potential tournament planners to your website (i.e. “dedicated tournament lead capture page”), then it would be reasonable to assume that the conservative projections listed below would be possible as a result of implementing a content marketing strategy which is designed to increase tournament sales opportunities: 

  • Year 1 after investing in content marketing you add 6 new tournaments to the schedule
  • Year 2 you add 8 new tournaments to the schedule and 5 of the prior year’s new tournaments reschedule = 13 total tournaments
  • Year 3 you add 10 new tournaments to the schedule along with the 5 from year one and 6 from year two = 21 total tournaments
  • Year 4 you add 15 new tournaments to the schedule along with the 4 from year one, 6 from year two and 9 from year three = 34 total tournaments
  • Year 5 and beyond this type of growth continues as your reputation as a tournament expert, and the premier tournament facility in the area grows. It is reasonable to assume that recommendations and referrals from these new customers will also grow leading to new sales opportunities.

In this example, the potential to grow your tournament business starts with a decision to invest in new content marketing strategies designed to educate your potential customers, resulting in loyal customers and a higher lifetime value of these new customers.

It’s also important to remember that these leads are “qualified” leads meaning that they are interested in learning more about hosting a tournament, and better yet hosting a tournament at your course. 

Would 6 New Tournaments This Year Help Your Course Achieve It’s Goals?

Putting the Golf Tournament Planning Guide Marketing System to Work for You…

Unlimited FREE Downloads

When potential tournament planners visit your website, they’ll be able to download your Golf Tournament Planning Guide from you – for FREE!:

  • the ability to provide unlimited downloads
  • a custom book cover image – from your course and
  • a custom book forward – from a member of your team!

Custom Tournament Sales Page Layout

We provide you with a custom layout utilizing targeted keywords to help improve your SEO and ensure that your tournament sales page is able to convert visitors into leads – promoting the benefits and solutions your new customers will receive by hosting their tournament with YOU!

Tournament Sales Email Campaign

Once your potential new tournament planner downloads your Golf Tournament Planning Guide you can begin marketing to them directly via email. We’ve created a series of emails that you can use to develop relationships with potential tournament planners that have “raised their hand” letting you know they want to host a tournament, learn more and work with YOU!

You’re the Golf Tournament Expert, Sharing That Expertise…

… Puts your potential new customer at ease in that they know that you are there to help them. Providing them with a complimentary copy of the Golf Tournament Planning Guide allows them to read up on tournament operations and tournament promotions. The guide was written with the golf professional in mind, to encourage the development of a positive, mutually beneficial relationship between the tournament planner and the golf course (i.e. golf professional). 

The Golf Tournament Planning Guide helps your new customer to feel comfortable with the overall process and confident that they will be successful with their tournament. While it provides them with insights into tournament operations and promotions – every aspect of the ebook encourages the reader to reach out to the golf professional for assistance with items such as: 

  • Understanding how determine a tournament date that allows them to get the most value for their money, while the golf professional is able to maximize their revenue per available tee time.
  • Selecting a tournament format from the various options detailed in the book, they are then able to work with the golf professional to select a format – providing a fun event while also being mindful of pace of play.
  • Providing player gifts and tournament prizes and the benefits of working with the golf professional as he/she can provide competitive pricing and a level of service that can’t be matched by off-course retailers. 
  • Determining cost effective food and beverage offerings while providing more for players and sponsors, spending more with the golf course and getting the most out of that spend so as not to exceed the budget.  




They’ve Received Your Golf Tournament Planning Guide, It’s Time to WIN SALES…

… converting interested tournament planners to new customers! Once they’ve received your FREE Golf Tournament Planning Guide, you’ll want to continue the relationship building process by providing these potential customers with additional support and information – helping them to select your course for their upcoming tournament.

Relationship building can be automated through the creation of an effective email campaign. Your campaign is  designed to provide these tournament planners with valuable information, establishing you as an expert and trusted source of information. With all of the FREE information that you are providing – their confidence in you and your facility will continue to grow – making it easy for them to select your course for their upcoming tournament.

To create an effective email campaign you will need to follow these five easy steps: 

  1. Identify your target audience – What are you trying to accomplish? You are trying to convert a recipient of your FREE Golf Tournament Planning Guide into a contracted golf tournament. The emails in your campaign must be written directly to these potential tournament planners. 
  2. Craft your messaging – It is critically important to craft messages that are readable and filled with action verbs, useful images and attractive words. 
    • Offer Value  among the most important methods for becoming must-read material for your subscribers is to deliver messages containing real value. Send your promotional offers and other marketing messages, yes, but make sure your emails include a significant percentage of information, education or entertaining content. 

    • Offer Relevance – Emails that are rich with detail, include offer deadlines or are otherwise relevant to and actionable by the recipient are likely to be kept longer in the inbox and likely also to be opened more than once.  Relevance can also relate to timing. One element to watch for in your campaigns will be how timing plays a role in their success: what times of day and what days of the week are best for opens and click-throughs, and what is the best time interval between messages.

  3. Plan out your campaign – This step is important—it’s the logistics of your campaign. You’ll be determining what the workflow will be and what the action triggers are. You’re making sure to set these up accordingly to reach your goals. 
  4. Start your campaign – Once you have determined your messaging campaign its time to implement it through an email software system. 
  5. Evaluate and adjust. Now it’s time to review your results. You have to constantly monitor and tweak to maximize effectiveness. Review your email analytics and look for bounce rates and click through rates on your calls to actions. If you use an email service it should have excellent reporting capabilities making it easier for you to measure your results and make any needed changes. Obviously the number one goal is to increase the number of contract golf tournaments and thus increasing the number of tournament rounds and tournament revenues. 

Golf Tournament Planning Guide E-Book Email Campaign Keys…

… The subject line of an email has the same function as a headline on an ad: Its purpose is to entice the viewer to read more. The headline in a newspaper or magazine simply has to encourage the reader to glance a little further down the page they are already reading. When it comes to successful email campaigns, the subject line has a tough job in that it has to be powerful enough to get the recipient to take the decisive action of clicking on the email so they can preview it or read it in full.

The goal of the email campaign is to keep the potential customer engaged and learning more about tournament operations and the benefits of working with you as opposed to your competition. What kind of email subject lines will get your readers to click? Here are several guidelines to make your headlines more commanding:

  • Consider your readers’ point of view – the subject line needs to appeal to a goals of the readers, at this stage it is what the reader wants to achieve, not what you want them to do. Again this is a process, and if managed correctly will lead to new tournaments being secured at your course. 
  • The subject line must be interesting to your readers – the goal of the subject line is to ensure that your email is opened by the reader. Your subject line has to make the recipients think “This is something I want to know more about now.” To accomplish that, the subject line has to pique the readers’ curiosity by hinting at the contents of the email. 
  • Subject lines that trigger emotions increase open rates – try to incorporate words that trigger emotions and your response rate will improve. 
  • Keep Subject Lines Short – on smaller screens the entire subject line may not be displayed, put the important words first and try and keep it short.

Content Marketing all comes down to directing the reader, or potential customer to take action. Your new tournament sales page is designed to get the visitor to provide their contact information and download your FREE Golf Tournament Planning Guide. The “Calls To Action” throughout your email campaign will be to encourage your readers to learn why they should host their tournament at your course and reach out to you to have their questions answered and ultimately sign a new tournament contract!

  1. Start Your “CTA” with a Strong Command Verb – it’s important to be clear and concise with your CTA. You want your readers to know exactly what you want them to do, which is why it is important to start the CTA with the action you want them take!
  2. Use Words That Promote Emotion or Enthusiasm – when your CTA sounds enthusiastic, your readers will be enthusiastic. A small, yet effective element here is adding an exclamation point to the end of your CTA in order to encourage enthusiasm. 
  3. Give Your Audience a Reason to Take Action – in other words, what’s in it for them? How are  you helping them to host the best tournament possible… at your course! These benefits combined with your value proposition leads to increased action by readers. An effective example being: “Call Today to Schedule Your FREE Consultation!” This clearly states the desired action for the reader (call today), along with an incentive for making the call (a free consultation).
  4. FOMO, “Fear Of Missing Out” – when people think they may lose out on a special, they are often encouraged to take action, in “Fear Of Missing Out.” If offering a special or promotion, include a deadline to help encourage action by the reader! 
  5. Use Numbers When Possible – consumers respond well to seeing numbers such as pricing, discounts, promotions, incentives, etc. It helps the reader determine whether or not it’s worth taking action now! “Save 15% on your tournament prizes.” Or better yet “Save 15% on your tournament prizes, book your tournament by .” Combining “FOMO” and opportunities for savings leads to increased action by readers. 
  6. Nurture Your Lead – your email campaign is designed to further encourage leads to select your course for their tournament, so you must tempt them to take the next step, whether it be taking advantage of an offer or reaching out to you to have their questions answered. The CTAs are placed in strategic spots to encourage that next action!
  7. Close the Sale – Using a CTA is a good method to turn leads into customers. The purpose of this CTA is to encourage a potential customer to select your course and reach out to you right at that moment when they are debating whether to click on the CTA. Make potential customers feel comfortable with getting to know you and your course by including a friendly and clear CTA. 

Below you will find the email campaign included as part of the Golf Tournament Planning Guide program. Each email highlights some of the key tournament planning factors designed to continue building relationships with potential tournament planners while also encouraging them to take action with the appropriate “calls to action.”

Golf Tournament Planning Guide Email Campaign

  • Subject Line – 5 Key Considerations When Selecting a Course

    Summary – Expands on why your  golf course is the best golf course for the potential tournament planner to host their tournament. As the reader is gaining a better understanding as to what the “5 Key Considerations” are when considering a golf course and how your golf course meets these five key considerations!

    Call to Action – “Have Questions, We Have Answers? Give Us A Call Today”

  • Subject Line: Make More Money With Your Golf Tournament

    Summary: Highlights fundraising opportunities associated with hosting a golf tournament. Most new tournament planners may not be aware of sponsorship opportunities, on-course contests, raffles, 50/50 contests and auctions. Provides a brief summary of each opportunity and how it can be incorporated into the golf tournament. 

    Call to Action: “FUNdraising is our specialty, Call us today to learn more!”

  • Subject Line: Making Your Tournament A Must Play!

    Summary: Provides tournament planner with tips to ensure that everyone has fun during the tournament. It’s important for tournament planners to understand that the operations involved in this year’s tournament is their first marketing opportunity to promote next year’s tournament. A fun tournament this year can make recruiting and promotions much easier for next year’s tournament. 

    Call to Action: Let Us Help You Have Fun, Call Today!

  • Subject Line: Making Your Sponsors Feel Special

    Summary: Sponsors contribute greatly to the overall success of your tournament. It is critically important to ensure that they know your appreciate their support. Making them feel appreciated can go a long way in terms of their ongoing support. 

    Call To Action:  Maximize Sponsorships, Call Us Today!

  • Subject Line: Tournament Contracts – What You Need to Know!

    Summary: As with any contract, you are encouraged to review the golf tournament agreement carefully and only when all items appear satisfactory should you execute it with your signature. Prior to the execution of the agreement should there be any items that are unclear or are not in agreement with any prior discussions, contact the host golf professional and have him/her clarify the agreement and make any changes necessary. Listed below are several items that you can expect to see in most agreements, however there is no standard agreement and not all agreements are the same or have the same stipulations. Please make sure to read the agreement carefully. 

    • Understanding the Tournament Agreement, confirming your tournament date? 
    • What you must do to qualify for Tax Exempt Status?
    • What does the “Tournament Fee” include?
    • What are the deposit requirements? 
    • Understanding the player guarantee?
    • When is final payment due? 
    • Food & Beverage, is there a separate agreement? 
    • What are the inclement weather policies and how may that impact your tournament?
    • How does the course define a “group rate” and if your numbers changes could your rate go up?
    • Will your group have exclusive use of the golf course, if not, and you’d like exclusivity, how do you secure it?

    Call To Action: Contract Questions, We Can Help!

  • Subject Line: Worry Free Golf Tournaments, We’re Here To Help!

    Summary: Golf tournaments can be a lot of work for the tournament organizer and volunteer staff, the golf course staff can provide a significant amount of support by providing suggestions and managing the event specifics. Below is a listing of what you may expect from the golf course: 

    • Advance Reservations – up to a year in advance (although it may vary from golf course to golf course) you will be able to secure your tournament event.
    • Recommendations regarding format of play and on-course contests (e.g. scramble, closest to the pin, long drive, longest putt). 
    • Recommendations regarding course set-up based on the group (e.g. pin placements and tee placements). 
    • Placement of tee signs, banners and/or other signage throughout the golf course.  
    • Host golf professional to generate the hole assignments and produce pairing sheets in both alphabetical and group format.
    • Produce the rules sheet and place one on each golf cart, and/or produce one for each player
      Produce personalized scorecards for each player/group.
    • Manage shotgun start (or other starting format), create tournament scoreboards, tournament scoring and coordinate the awards presentation.
    • Golf shop merchandise, rental clubs and food & beverage charges, etc. may be consolidated onto one master account.
    • Master billing for on-course food & beverage service.
    • Master billing account at all food and beverage outlets.
    • Box breakfasts and lunches
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets
    • Tournament awards ceremony management
    • Themed parties & Coordination of entertainment and venue décor

    Call to Action: Let Us Show You What We Do, Partner!

  • Subject Line: Exceeding Your Fundraising Goals With Sponsors

    Summary: There are numerous sponsorship opportunities when hosting a golf tournament – these opportunities include: title sponsors, presenting sponsors, contributing sponsors, associate sponsors and supporting sponsors, not to mention the many other sponsorship opportunities such as meal functions, special events, hole sponsorships, cart sponsorships and many more!

    Call to Action: Ready to Break Fundraising Records, Let Us Show You How!

  • Subject Line: Promoting Your Tournament, Getting the Word Out!

    Summary: Tournament directors primarily use social media to market and promote their tournament. While social media can be a great tool for promoting your tournament, the potential use for social media goes well beyond just marketing and promotions. Social media can be used for:

    • Customer Service 
    • Marketing 
    • Managing Perspective 
    • Sales 
    • Tournament Management 
    • Tournament Feedback 

    Call to Action: Getting the Word Out, We Can Help!

  • Subject Line: FREE Marketing Opportunities for Your Tournament!

    Summary: Once you have determined the tournament date and executed the tournament contract with the golf course, you need to begin to focus on how you can promote the tournament to drive participation. Some tournaments may have a marketing or promotional budget, but for others the challenge becomes how can they promote the tournament with little or no money. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a marketing budget, tournament directors should also take advantage of the many opportunities out there to promote the tournament for FREE. These will take some work, but can help to increase participation in your tournament.

    Call to Action: FREE is Good, Let Us Show You Some Opportunities!

  • Subject Line: Going Over the Details – “Like a Well Oiled Machine”

    Summary: Prior to the day of the tournament you will want to schedule a walkthrough with the host golf professional to ensure that you are in agreement regarding all of the operational details of the event. This is a good time to have any questions that you may still have answered. If possible have key members of your team available to participate in the walkthrough – this will help to minimize confusion and miscommunications on the day of the tournament. There are several aspects of golf tournament operations that you’ll want to review with the golf professional and any other key golf course staff members. 

    • Player Arrival
    • Registration
    • Course Set Up
    • Cart Staging
    • Volunteers & Sponsors
    • Practice Facility
    • Starting the Tournament
      • Call to Carts
      • Announcements
      • Leading the Players Onto the Course
    • Tournament Scoring
    • Food & Beverage

    Call to Action: Success Doesn’t Just Happen, We Plan For It! Call Us Today!

  • Subject Line: Organizing Your Golf Groups And Starting Your Tournament

    Summary: The game of golf provides an opportunity for camaraderie, networking and team building. When organizing groups there are a couple of options to keep in mind: 

    1. allow players to coordinate their own teams, or
    2. you may want to try and create teams of nearly equal abilities

    If you are wanting to maximize participation, then you will likely encourage players to put together their own teams. Some teams may be comprised of very skilled golfers, while other teams may be comprised of relatively new golfers. When you have little control over the players on each team, you can utilize certain formats in an effort to level the playing field. 

    There are various methods of starting your group. The size of your group is the key consideration when implementing a specific starting method. Your golf professional will suggest the best option for your group:

    • Tee Times – all groups start on the first hole based on scheduled tee times. 
    • Double Tee – groups start on both hole #1 and hole #10 – typically at the same time. 
    • Full Field Shotgun – groups are scheduled to start on each hole at the same time. 
    • Modified Shotgun – groups are scheduled to start at the same time on various holes as assigned by the golf professional. 

    Call to Action: Organizing Your Groups and Getting Them Started, Let Us Show You How!

  • Subject Line: Scheduling Meals and Selecting Menus, Getting the Most for Your Money!

    Summary: Whether your hosting a corporate golf tournament, charity golf tournament or competitive tournament, when it comes to food and beverage we’ll help you get the most for your money! Some key considerations to keep in mind: 

    • Constant communication with the food and beverage director is critical. Anytime numbers change – they need to know. 
    • Challenge the chef to be creative while keeping within your budget. 
    • Compare pricing options, some options may better to buy in bulk, others may be better bought a la carte. 
    • Make sure participants are aware of the meal functions to help you understand how many you can expect. 
    • How to manage donated products and what you can expect to pay for the FREE product. 

    Call to Action: When Planning Meals, Call Us to Learn How to Get the Most for Your Money!


  • Subject Line: Expecting the Unexpected, Golf Tournament Contingency Plans

    Summary: When problems do occur the tournament committee will be expected to react quickly and appropriately – this is where contingency planning can be very helpful. 

    Even the best-laid contingency plans will have to be adjusted based on various circumstances, equipment failures, inclement weather, compromised safety of participants and other scheduling conflicts. Not having a clear plan of action leads to confusion and a lot of scrambling which makes for a poor experience for participants. 

    Call to Action: Weather, It Happens, or Not – we’ll make sure you’re ready! Call Us Today to Learn More!

  • Subject Line:

    Summary: The post-tournament evaluation is where you learn how you did and about everyone’s experience. When developing your survey it is also important to consider that not all participants may be on your roster – in many cases one person will sign up the entire team. It is important the day of the event to capture everyone’s contact information – especially email. 

    With services such as Survey Monkey, your survey can easily be sent out to all participants. There are four key factors to consider when developing a survey that will increase your chances of getting high levels of participation: 

    1. Choose the appropriate format and length of the survey
    2. Make your survey easy for the respondent to complete
    3. If at first you don’t succeed… it may take more than one delivery attempt. 
    4. Know your audience and know how to ask

    Call to Action: Feedback, You’ll Want it and We Need It! Let’s Work Together to Make Your Tournament the Best it Can Be – Call Us Today to Get Started!

What Tournament Planners are saying about Content Marketing…

Mike Pryor

The Golf Tournament Planning Guide makes the tournament sales process so much easier. I don’t seem to get questions on price as much anymore – just whether or not certain dates are available. When they receive the free book from us, they appreciate the information and want to host their tournament with us. Sales has never been easier!

Susan Wilde

The Golf Tournament Planning Guide provides information which puts “new” tournament planners at ease with the process of hosting a tournament. They love our free ebook and they appreciate how easy it is to work with us. About the only question I answer now is “Is next year’s date available?” This is how tournament sales should be!

Allison Loftis

As the Tournament Sales Manager, I’m constantly looking for new tournament opportunities. Having the ability to give each potential new lead a free ebook on tournament planning ensures that I get an opportunity to meet with them and get information from them – helping me to close more sales and exceed my goals. With increased demand and limited supply I’m able to raise my rates for the first time in years.

Oscar Tavolar

Having to “wear so many hats” at our facility, the ability to focus on sales has been limited. The Golf Tournament Planning Guide lead generation system produces “warm” leads that makes closing sales easy. We went from getting no to very few leads each month to now getting 10 – 20 leads per month – all interested in hosting their tournament with us (not just donation requests).